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Master Kevin Sogor

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History of International Hap-Ki-Do USA in Chicago

Kevin Sogor established International Hapkido, USA. When the idea to create a school was in its infancy, the goal was to create a dojang that would teach Hapkido, as it should be learned, through hard training.

Kevin did not want a school focused on the formalities and politics of a business, but on the art form itself. With this goal in mind, Kevin opened the first full time International Hapkido, USA school in Rockford, Illinois in 1992. This branch will soon re-open under the watchful supervision of Mr. Doug Suhr, Kevin's most senior and able student since 1990.

By keeping the distractions out of training, Mr. Sogor was able to create a pure environment for his students to study Authentic Hapkido. Training is held seven days a week making classes convenient for anyone.

Kevin has been teaching since 1982, and is now bringing his thorough knowledge to Chicago with the first International Hapkido, USA dojang located there.

The current student population ranges in age from 20 - 45 with college students, police officers, and other professionals making up the bulk of classes.

Becoming a member of the Jungki Kwan, and making annual trips to train at the Headquarters with Grandmaster Lim and the other Korean Masters since 2004 has added the provenance to International Hapkido USA, now also Jungki Kwan Midwest, making it the preeminent Hapkido Training facility in the Midwest.

Grandmaster Lim, Hyun Soo

For more detailed information about Kevin refer to Kevin's History. We invite you to contact the school and see if International Hapkido, USA is a place that will suit your training needs.