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Jungki Kwan Terms and Conditions

General Eligibility Requirements

  1. Any School owner, in Hapkido or any recognized martial art interested in learning and teaching Orthodox Hapkido.
  2. Instructors and school owners cannot belong to any other Hapkido organization.

Procedures for joining Jungki Kwan Midwest

  1. Training. Training is the hallmark of Jungki Kwan Midwest. It is this training that will build the type of long-term relationship that is sought in Jungki Kwan Midwest.
    1. New prospective schools and the Jungki Kwan Midwest must both see if the "fit" is correct for both parties. Training is one way to accomplish this. New Prospective members must train with a Jungki Kwan Master to facilitate this.
    2. Training can be done by attending a regularly scheduled seminar with a Jungki Master at the Jungki Kwan Midwest headquarters in Chicago, or by sponsoring a seminar at the new prospect's dojang.
    3. Regularly scheduled seminars are held in Chicago in March, June, September and December.

  2. New members will need to learn and teach the Jungki Kwan curriculum.
  3. Once a new prospect is accepted, instructors will have to provide proof of training including the date of the start of training, copies of rank certificates (notarized), current affiliations.
  4. All new members will receive a letter of membership, which must be updated every year. There is a $20.00 yearly fee to cover postage and printing.
  5. All member schools will provide a complete list of students, including ranks and time in training. All students are subject to a one-time fee of $10 for the administration of an international database. This database is required to ensure that there is no chance of fraudulent rank.
  6. All member schools shall where the same approved uniform, with only approved patches and insignia. New member schools shall wear approved white dobok that carry the words "Dae Han Jungki Hapkido Hae" (Korea Jungki Hapkido Association) and Jungki Kwan Midwest in Korean. All members must also wear the Jungki Kwan Official Patch. (Patches available to any member after Yellow Belt Grading.)
  7. Black Belt holders will wear the approved Black Belt Uniform; White with Black Trim, and the Jungki Kwan Midwest Patch and back insignia.
  8. As with any Traditional Mudo organization, it is important that a specific hierarchy is maintained. As such, it is important that all members observe strict contact rules and for general information contact the person that brought them into Jungki Kwan Midwest.

Benefits of joining the Jungki Kwan

  1. Belonging to the oldest, orthodox, Hapkido organization in the world.
  2. Training in the original technique of the Founder of Hapkido, Choi, Yong Sul Dojunim.
  3. Support in implementing the Jungki Curriculum at your dojang - and how to deal with student resistance and overcome it with positive results.
  4. Training and support in learning the Jungki curriculum, through seminars and teaching tools.
  5. Discounts on Jungki Kwan Midwest products such as patches, uniforms and media.
  6. Availability of Jungki Kwan Midwest Master seminars at your location - at rates that ensure that dojang owners stay within budgets.
  7. Yearly letter of membership that will verify instructor rank, and all those that were brought to the Jungki Kwan Midwest by that dojang.
  8. Opportunity for training at the Jungki Kwan headquarters in South Korea yearly.
  9. Yearly Organization wide seminars in different member areas or countries to promote harmony and unity among members.


  1. All grading that are held for Jungki Hapkido and Jungki Kwan Midwest members are to be held with the express instruction and under the direct supervision of a Jungki Kwan Master from Jungki Kwan Midwest or from the Jungki Kwan Headquarters in Korea.
  2. Grading fees are to remain the under the control of dojang owners/operators.
  3. All certificates for colored belt grading shall cost: Lower Gups $25, Higher Gups: $30. Black Belt, 1st Dan Grading Cost is $250. All certificates are from Korea.
  4. All grading records for students shall be kept in official databases.

Rank Transfer

  1. Generally, there is no direct rank transfer within Jungki Kwan Midwest.
  2. Rank for Instructors is determined on a case-by-case basis, and is determined by a combination of technique, time in training and former rank (including ranking organization).

Individual Membership

  1. At this time, no Individual Memberships for students at other Hapkido schools are available. Note: The exceptions for non-black belt student memberships are considered "Student at Large" Memberships - see below.

Student at Large

  1. Student at Large Membership is open to students unable to join regular clubs due to distance or travel restrictions.
  2. Student at Large Memberships shall require that students travel to the closest Jungki Kwan Midwest dojang for training at least every quarter. Dojang fees are set by individual dojang.