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What is Hapkido?

Hapkido is a martial art that originated from the training and efforts of a single man, Dojunim Choi, Yong Sul.

Hapkido utilizes the energy derived from an opponents attack. The attack is neutralized through the use of body mechanics including throws, joint locks, kicks and strikes.

Jungki Kwan Hapkido is Hapkido in its most traditional form. This is unique because of its simple, direct and practical techniques that have been time-tested and proven to be effective in the modern world. This is not always the case in other diluted derivatives of Dojunim Choi's original art.

Dojunim Choi, Yong Sul and Suh, Bok Sup

Unlike many of today's martial arts that are oriented to sport games, Hapkido has stuck to the traditional martial arts. Hapkidoists who like the tradition and originality say,

"It is not a game to see who wins and places first and second."

They point out that Hapkido is a martial art that needs both physical and spiritual training. They classify the physical training as a kind of skill called "Hapkisul" and the spiritual training as a principle called "Hapkibup". Hapkibup contains elements of developing personality and a power of inner body strength through mental training such as "chigam", "chosik", and "Gumchok"

Chigam means stopping senses. The senses here refer to the thinking you need to get your mind ready for hapkido training. Chosik means breathing control. It is very important in Hapkido training to breath evenly, get your mind calmed down, and make your mind and body into one. Gumchok means forbidding the senses with takes a high level of training. It is reaching a mental state where you will overcome a matter of life and death by not depending on your five senses.

Hapkido is a defensive martial art comprised of three central elements: Wha, Won and Yu. These elements equal Non-resistance, the water principle and circular motion. All Hapkido techniques contain one or more of these elements.

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