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Master Kevin Sogor

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Adult Hapkido

Instruction in the Art of Hapkido with an emphasis on practical self-defense techniques. Jungki Kwan Midwest teaches Hapkido as it was taught by its founder Choi, Yong Sul Dojunim. The dojang, and the Instructor are the Mid-west representatives of the Jungki Kwan, under the direction of Grandmaster Lim, Hyun Soo (9th Degree Black Belt from the founder of Hapkido, Dojunim Choi, Yong Sul). The techniques have not been watered down or lost any of their true effectiveness.

Grandmaster Lim, Hyun Soo

Black Belt/Invitation Class

A class for Black Belts and by Invitation Only.

Women's Self Defense

BACK-OFF! TM is the title of this innovative women's self defense class. Mr. Sogor first developed this class from the programs started in the UK for teaching self defense to nurses, through the "Hands Off" program of Grandmaster Fred Adams. The title and substantial elements of the content was changed due to a copy-write issue created accidentally during the publication of the "Hands Off" Program into book form. BACK-OFF! is revolutionary in women's self defense as it does not advocate hours of training in striking and blocking as other courses have over the years. This program is based on environmental awareness and a strong component of principles that any women can use to overcome an attack. The BACK-OFF program was first taught in 1984 at the University of Illinois, PAR residence hall as part of a campus wide rape awareness campaign. The program has changed very little over the years because of its strong core, but has modified to reflect new trends in clothing and social settings. Instruction in practical methods of self-defense applicable to real-life situations that might be encountered by women today. The Program offered is divided into 3 self-contained segments, each taught in a continuous loop, so starting at anytime is appropriate. Each module is taught from a lesson plan that is available for each class.

High Intensity Training - High Intensity Hapkido

The High Intensity Training (HIT) was modeled after the legendary early morning classes of Master Kim, Mon Soo of the Jungki Kwan. The classes are one hour long, and consist of fast paced drills consisting of all the basic strikes, kicks, and break-falls found in Hapkido. In addition, there is a comprehensive stretching and conditioning segment as well as a syllabus training segment. All students that sign up to attend 3 classes or more per week are eligible to select two HIT classes per week as part of their regimen.

Core Combat Logistics

This specialty class is designed to teach the reality of combat with less risk of injury. The class is made up of drills and real world scenarios. Stressing weapon disarm and real combat reality.

Open Dojang

The Dojang is open for general training by any students currently enrolled at the school.

Private Lesson

Private Lessons are available on a limited basis for those unable to attend regular classes, those wanting more intense instruction, or those looking to learn specific areas of Hapkido. Private Lessons are only available on first come, first served basis, and only at instructor's discretion.